About us

Founded in 1991, Marfur s.r.l. specialises in leatherwear, currently producing around 45,000 garments a year: 25,000 for the winter collection, 15,000 for the summer collection and around 5000 for the sample collection.


What we offer

The company is able to source all types of leather for clothing and to customise the leather using a variety of processes, such as bonding, braiding, various types of laser cutting, embroidery, appliqués, etc. We are also equipped to perform a series of finishing treatments (washes, drumming, wax coating, shading, etc…)


«Quality control is our prerogative»

All our articles are produced in workshops closely controlled by Marfur technicians at every stage of the process, and each one is subjected to final testing by our staff in a dedicated facility.


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Marfur Srl
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